Ways to Help

  1. Make a financial donation.
    • Donations can be sent through the mail to 339 Main Street Oley PA, 19547.
    • If you prefer to use a credit card, you come in and we will use our Square account. If you cannot come in, you can call and we can set it up using Square.
    • Donations can also be made through the secure site and link here: Just Give
  2. Adopt a book
    • In memoriam
    • In honor
  3. Purchase items from our wish list
    • Craft supplies
    • Copy Paper
  4. Donate books or movies
  5. Volunteer your time and expertise.
  6. Help with special projects at the library.
  7. Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instragram
  8. Receive email blasts to stay updated on new and events.
  9. Bring us your ideas for books and programs.
  10. Write or call the Oley township board to thank them for their financial support .

11 responses

  1. Do you have specific times that you accept book donations?


    1. Anytime that we are open! Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday from 10 AM to 7 PM and Friday and Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM.


  2. We would like to donate 2 copies of a children’s book “America’s White Table” by Margot Theis Raven. We would like to dedicate them in honor of your Hometown Hero, Lt. Col. Ralph Angstadt who went Missing on October 18, 1966. This year it is 50 years he is a POW/MIA. On Sunday, October 16, 2016 at 2:00 in the afternoon we are having a Recognition Ceremony for him. It will be on Main Street in front of the Fire Company. Please let us know what we need to do to make the donation/dedication. It would be nice to present them to you during the ceremony. Perhaps you could even read a few of the words from the book. I’ll be glad to explain the book and its meaning. Thank you in advance. Diane


    1. Diane- I will forward this information on to my board president, Helen Clogston.


    2. We would absolutely love to have the copies in the library. Come in anytime that we are open. I am here days, 10-3 and Helen evenings on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3-7pm.


    3. Friday’s and Saturday’s we are open only until 2pm.


    4. Diane-please provide me with contact information for yourself, either email or phone number.


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