On Tuesday May 20th, 2014 the Oley Township Primary Election ballot  included a referendum on the question of community support for the Oley Valley Community Library. Voters were asked to approve an increase of .09051828% millage to their Oley Township Real Estate Tax bill. This revenue would be dedicated to the support and maintenance of the Valley’s community library.  Dedicated municipal support is one of the key requirements of membership in the County Library system.

[For a property assessed at $100,000 this translated to an additional $9.00 for the household annually.  For a $250,000 property assessment, the increase wouldhave been $22.50.]

Sadly, the vote failed by the slimmest margin and our application for county library affiliation languished.  The Library itself marches on driven by volunteers who believe in the value of supporting literacy at all levels in our community: social, academic, technical, on and on.

How Does Our Community Benefit from a Library?
• As part of the Berks County Library System, our community could benefit from the shared resources of all of the libraries in the county.
• Making an investment at the local level will allow us, as a community, to reclaim county and state tax dollars that are being given to other libraries.
• Community members can borrow not only print items but also digital items
• A community library provides programming that is unique to the community that they serve and will hear and work to provide programming on topics that you request.
• Provide services to all ages from birth to adult (Examples: computer access, a meeting space for groups and school projects, etc)


Calculate the value of our library for your family’s usage here.


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  1. Just a Two-Center | Reply

    Please support the Oley Valley Community Library! This is such a necessary community space for our children. It is also a space integral to bringing everyone closer together and providing access to computers for those who may not have/be able to afford one. Why pay for Netflix or Redbox when you can borrow DVD’s for free? Also, there are so many interesting books available. Need a book the OVCL doesn’t have? You can
    request titles from libraries across Berks county and they get delivered right to OVCL for you to pick up.
    Please support our library! Help keep the world of imagination open and available for our special community!


    1. Thank you. Please write to our township supervisors and tell them this!


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