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Thank you to the Rothenberger Family for sponsoring this event! Introductory theatre games and improvisation workshop for any age group. Approximately 30 minute workshop, followed by a short performance starring your library patrons for all to Laugh Together. All ages welcome! Registration is required. Call the library at 484-491-1278. Class size limited to 20 children and adults.



Thank you to our sponsors Nia’s and BB&T! A presentation for non- beekeepers on the mysterious, wonderful honey bees. Our presenter, Kevin Coy, will increase our awareness of the importance of the honey bee population. Honey bees are the only bees that store honey, which is their main attraction to humans, but their biggest values is as pollinators. He will show beekeeping equipment and an observation hive with bees. ***Weather permitting this event will take place in the courtyard. Incase of inclement weather we will be in Weidner Hall!


Spotted Lanternfly: Identification, Control, and Education Presenter: Evan Corondi (Mosquito-Borne Disease Control Program & Outreach Coordinator) – Berks County Conservation District THURSDAY, July 12th at 5pm This session will include information on the introduction and biology of this invasive insect, as well as, potential hazardous effects this species can have on our environment, economy, and quality of life. Biosecurity measures and methods of control will also be covered along with ways we, as educators, can help to teach the public, students, and our colleagues about the previous mentioned topics.


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