Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10AM-7PM

Friday 10AM-2PM

Saturday 10AM – 4PM

The Oley Valley Community Library follows the OVSD Calendar for closings. However the Library will be open when teachers and staff have an inservice day scheduled.

For weather delays and closing we will follow the Oley Valley School District policy. Watch WFMZ for weather closings and delays. If OVSD is closed, we are closed.

Where are you located?

Our Address:
339 Main Street

Oley, PA 19547

Courtyard Entrance of Friedens United Church of Christ

Where can I park?

Off street and lot parking available.

I want to order a book online and I didn’t see Oley Library listed as a pick up location? Why not?

We are not on the Berks County Library website as a pick up location because we are not a part of the Berks County Library System. However, you may drop off books from any county library with us and they will be returned to the correct library. Also, you may drop off an Oley library book at any county library and it will be returned to us on the van. If you do not see an item in our library you are looking for we will gladly request it through the state library system.

Can I order books from other libraries and have them delivered to Oley?

YES. You can fill out a form with the librarian and get books from other libraries, delivered on the van to Oley.

Can I return books from other libraries to Oley?

YES. The OVC library now has van service to and from other libraries in the county. Return books from other libraries to our library and they will be returned to the correct library. Return our books to other libraries and they will be brought back to our library.

Do I need an Oley Library Card?

 You can use your library card from any other library at Oley once we enter your personal information in our computer system.


Do you have computers? Printer?

Yes. We currently have 4 computers and a printer for public use.  Our print outs are $.10 per black and white and $.25 for color.

We also have 10 iPads available for public use.

Do you have a fax machine?

Yes! $1.00 per page


3 responses

  1. Kimberly McGrath | Reply

    Do you have wi-fi ?


    1. You. Are welcome to use it in the library or courtyard!


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