About Us

The Oley Valley Library Committee began in 2009 with the goal of establishing a new library right here in the valley. A dedicated group of volunteers leapt into this mission with a clear vision, knowing that the entire community would benefit from a public library.

Indeed, since the doors opened seven years ago, the Oley Valley Library has been everything the team imagined: a gathering place, a technology site, a learning spot, a place to connect. The library has hosted programs for preschoolers, teens, knitters, readers, genealogists, artists, writers, homeschoolers and more. There is so much potential as this hub of activity and resources gains momentum in the valley.

The OV Library Committee intends to continue as a full-steam operation while we work with the state to determine a long-term plan. We are currently working with the state library system to become a state recognized library and to receive funding from the state. There are a lot of steps and much paperwork. There WILL be a place for the Oley Valley within the state system of libraries; it will just take longer than hoped.

Your help is needed more that ever to build a library branch in our community. Please join the effort by contacting the library today with your ideas, your volunteer commitment, and if you can your financial contribution.

A library is more than books, so much more!


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  1. Write to our township supervisors!


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