A short break in our digging adventure…

As the Oley Library is closed this week (sniff…sniff) I have been able to pause and reflect on how much fun we have had so far in just three short weeks! We have picked strawberries, played with dirt, painted with mud, danced like dinosaurs, explored pre-historic creatures, had Lazy Lego mornings, and even exercised on the track! I have met new Oley families, welcomed back old friends, shared new books, introduced readers to my favorites from my childhood, stamped and stamped and stamped due dates on hundreds of books this month all carried home with excitement. I love watching a three year old try SO hard to lift that gigantic book onto my desk to check out! (Why do the smallest readers pick the biggest books? Is it because maybe the bigger books promise bigger adventures? )

As exciting as June was, July is shaping to be even better (despite our one week closure!) Storytimes will bring us flowers, vegetables, underground animals, worms, rocks, and buried treasures. July is the month of the guest star readers! We will have Oley teachers, farmers, gardeners, and even our own Oley rockstar! In our Underground Explorers club we will learn the parts of a flower, learn how vegetables grow, have a taste test of vegetables you might not have had before (how do you pronounce Jicama?), worm races, and more.

For teens in July we will be hosting the Yocum Institute of the Arts in an Improv Workshop on July 10th at the Fair Centre in Oley.

Please click on the Summer Reading tab above for our complete list of events and programs. We have lots going on! And starting this month we will be giving raffle tickets to every person who attends ANY of our programs in July and August! The more programs you attend the better your chances of winning any of our grand prizes: A giant Lego set of your choosing (valued at $115), a Julie American Girl Doll and Book, 4 tickets to a Yocum Institute show, and 2 Nook HD Tablets!! Increase your chances by participating in our Reading Challenge! Reading Challenge sheets can be printed off from the Summer Reading Tab above. Lots of way to win our grand prizes. Let’s make July and August our biggest months yet!!

Can’t wait to reopen on July 8th at 10am! We hope to see everyone out next week to welcome us back! Until then have a very Happy 4th of July!


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