March Events

The sun is shining a little longer here at the Oley Library. I am grateful for this of course because this old building at night gives me the shivers! Patrons have teased me of an old Oley Librarian ghost in the building. If I’m going to have a ghost though, I’m glad it’s a librarian!

I am looking forward to Spring and what it will bring. Click on “March Events” below for a selection of what the Oley Library is bringing to the Valley. We hope to see you here soon at one of our events or programs!

March Events

Welcome to the Oley Valley Community Library!

Welcome to our new and improved but hopefully temporary website! We have had many complaints that our website is full of outdated and just plain incorrect information. And well, we are a library and that is unacceptable. Since we don’t have control of that website we are making a new one for now. I say for now because we are hoping that in the next six months you will see the Oley Valley Library listed on the Berks County Library page as an official and recognized library!! Cross your fingers, your toes, knock on wood, wear your pajamas inside out (wait, that’s for snow right?) Whatever you need to do to bring us some good luck, DO IT! This next step is a big one and I think it will give us the momentum we need to get this community the library it deserves.

For now I hope you enjoy this little place online where you can find up to date information about our little library. I will also be rambling on here from time to time about cool stuff I see and hear in Room 208. Please feel free to post comments and share with your fellow Oley Valley peeps.


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